LAKSHMI Rotopactor machine is the ultimate weapon against flakiness. It is basically a rotary crusher consisting of an impeller (Rotor) rotating at 1000-1200 r.p.m. inside a steel fabricated body lined with high grade austenitic manganese steel breaker liners. It is used in the secondary or tertiary stage of a stone crushing plant.

The stone to be crushed is fed directly into the centre of the rotor, the high rotating speed of which throws the material outwards towards the breaker liners for further impact crushing. The result of the process is production of absolutely cubically crushed stone, which finds great use in the construction sector.


  • High throughput capacity
  • Cubicle product with minimal fines
  • A variety of manganese tooth profiles available
  • Adjustable for change in product sizing
  • SIZES :

    800 mm & 1000 mm size can be customized as per your need

Working Principle

The basic principle of crushing of Rotopator crusher is imparting the energy to the particle by centrifugal force and energized particle is stopped suddenly on stone lining, the energy in the particle blasts the particle and breaks it in small pieces. The shape of crushed particles is more cubical. For finer crushing the particle must be thrown at very high velocity. Generally the velocity of particles is 12000 ft per min to 20000 ft per min. When particles at such a high velocity slides over any metal parts it will wear out very fast. So it is design criteria that the parts coming in contact with this stream of stones coming out from rotor must be have sufficient wear resist quality. Abrasion and wear coefficient of the part must be high to with stand the grinding action due to the flow of stream of the particles.

Standard Features


Rotopactor is widely used in various materials processing of mining & construction industries, such as it is suit for crushing granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz, cobble, iron ore, copper ore, and some other mineral & rocks.

Technical Data

Machine Model Feed Size(mm) Capacity (tone/hour) Speed RPM Approx. Power HP Approx
REW-800 60 50 1000-1300 75
REW-1000 80 80 1000-1300 90

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